Get Eye Relief with Neurolenses

Get Eye Relief with Neurolenses


At Lume Family Eyecare, we want to ensure that our patients receive the best care. Neurolenses offer significant improvements from past developments that aim to help reduce computer strain on your eyes. There are several distinct advantages that Neurolenses offer our patients, and we can see if you are a good candidate today! Call now to schedule your appointment and see how Lume Family Eyecare can help improve the quality of your life and the health of your eyes.


Understanding Neurolenses


Neurolenses are a specifically designed spectacle lens that has specific measurements that help to reduce headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and eyestrain. These conditions affect more than half of adults in the United States who use some type of digital device, read, or complete detailed work that can increase eyestrain.


After extensive research, many scientists have been able to conclude that the misalignment of your vision frequently causes headaches. This additional eyestrain can increase when our patients use digital devices, such as phones or computers, or participate in tasks that require the ability to see objects at close distances. These activities include reading a book, or certain hobbies, such as tying flies for fishing, sewing, or fine art.


Surprisingly, the effects of these activities are typically unrecognizable when you partake in those activities. This means that you may not get a headache while you are working at a computer, but once you leave work and start to enjoy your personal time off that you can be sidelined with a terrible headache.


Additionally, many patients disregard frequent headaches or neck and back pain during their routine eye exams. People often feel that these issues are not related to their vision. However, be sure to discuss all of your health concerns with your eye doctor because we may be able to help solve your discomfort today!


How Neurolenses Work


Standard correction lenses utilize prisms to help make your vision more comfortable. Unfortunately, these prisms are only effective at a single distance and do not cover the wide range of situations that our patients face every day. Neurolenses revolutionary design has been able to create a prism that could help address vision misalignment at all distances.


The neurolenses contoured prism provides vision alignment at all distances by increasing the prism from a distance to nearer your eyes.


To create this groundbreaking lens, a new type of instrument had to be created that could measure eye alignment at all distances. The exam only takes three minutes. During this time, patients focus on a single point while an image of planets and stars rotates in front of them. This activates the central and peripheral vision and provides an accurate measurement. The results of this test help our staff identify and create the perfect lens for you.


Special Considerations


Neurolenses are often confused with a lens specifically designed to reduce computer glare on your eyes. However, do not be talked into an inferior product. While reducing glare can reduce stress and strain on your eyes, it does not do anything to help with vision misalignment that can be the underlying cause of your headaches. Instead, call Lume Family Eyecare today and inquire about Neurolenses. After a brief exam, we can help you identify the right prescription lenses to meet your needs.




Many of our patients have never considered that their eye exam can help to alleviate pain and discomfort in other areas of your body. Call our offices today and see the difference that our educated staff can make in your life.