Relieve Digital Eye Strain Symptoms With Neurolens

Relieve Digital Eye Strain Symptoms With Neurolens

According to studies, eye strain and the time you spend in front of a digital screen have a clear association. Usually, you start experiencing symptoms of digital eye strain after only two hours of screen time. With more digital devices springing up, screen time extends at even more than nine hours. Research shows that digital eye strain affects more people now because of the increased visual demands. Are you experiencing the symptoms of digital vision syndrome? Let’s talk about how Neurolens can help you.


The Effectiveness of Neurolens

Studies show that more people develop digital eye strain the longer they stay in front of their digital devices. This eye condition can make you uncomfortable and may even hinder you from doing your tasks. Symptoms such as headaches, light sensitivity, tired eyes, dry eyes, and blurry vision show that your eyes are becoming misaligned.

With the help of Neurolenses, you can regain the proper alignment of your eyes. This may result in significant relief or even the eradication of your digital eye strain symptoms in 45 days.


The Contoured Prism

Before the dawn of Neurolens, eye doctors would add minute prisms to the prescription lenses they gave their patients to add more comfort in their vision. Even so, the prism lens they used could only target eye alignment at a given distance. Neurolens is far better because its prism lens is customizable and can correct visual misalignment in every distance.

Neurolens created a proprietary contoured prism that gives a smooth alignment of the eye for all distances. You can do this by increasing the prism from far to near. Computer lenses are good, but neurolenses align the eyes to relieve the symptoms of digital eye strain. Experts say that the invention of neurolenses could very well be the most significant lens innovation since progressive lenses.


The Neurolens Measuring Device

There has been an increasing demand for an accurate way to gauge the alignment of the eye in all distances. This led to the development of the neurolens measuring device. This device makes use of eye-tracking science to measure the degree of your eye’s misalignment near and at a certain distance.

In a study, patients focused on a specific point as a display of pivoting stars and planets triggered their central and peripheral vision to measure eye alignment. Neurolens measures the degree of eye misalignment when looking at something near and far. These measurements gave a special range of prescriptions for the contoured prism design.


Experts believe that you can only know about your digital visual syndrome if you see your eye doctor for a comprehensive checkup. At Lume Family Eyecare, we can help you know if you have this syndrome and discuss how we can relieve your symptoms through neurolens. Feel free to give us a call us at (614) 502-6201 for more information or to set up an appointment. You can also drop by our office in Worthington, Ohio, for a walk-in consultation.