Tips and Tricks on How to Not Fog Your Glasses While Wearing a Facemask

Tips and Tricks on How to Not Fog Your Glasses While Wearing a Facemask

The current pandemic requires people to wear facemasks while practicing social distancing. Because you breathe through the mask, you don’t really exhale all of the warm air out into the open. Most of it escapes through the sides of your facemask. If you wear eyeglasses, this can be a problem. Warm air keeps obstructing your vision because it fogs up your glasses as it touches the cold lenses. Here are some tips and tricks on how to avoid fogging your glasses while wearing a facemask.

Commercial De-Misting Spray

You can purchase a de-misting spray that is clear when it dries. Make sure you read the label well to see if you can use it on your lens coating or lens type. You can get a de-misting spray from your eye doctor or from online stores.

Mild Soap and Water

Experts at the National Eye Institute say that you can simply wash your lenses with mild soapy water and then dry them with a microfiber cloth to keep them from fogging. Soap decreases the surface tension on your lenses, blocking fog from adhering to them. You can use the piece of microfiber cloth that came with your eyeglasses. Microfiber cloths do not have lint that makes water stick to your lenses.

Shaving Cream

If you have some shaving cream at home, you can apply some on the inner side of your lenses. Then, wipe the cream off gently. The thin layer of shaving cream left will protect your lenses from fogging up.

Pipe Cleaners or Twist Ties

Making your own cloth masks gives you the freedom to add some features that can prevent warm air from entering your glasses. You can get a pipe cleaner or a twist tie and place it in the upper part that goes on your nose. Press and mold that area to your nose to make the warm air you exhale flow down and out of your mask.

Double-Sided Tape

In case you are wearing a regular surgical mask, you can put a strip of double-sided tape on your nose. Push the upper seam of your mask onto the tape to seal the upper part of your mask. This will keep the warm air flowing downward and then out of your mask.

Nose Pad Adjustment

In case your eyeglasses have nose pads, you can adjust them so they can make your frames sit a bit more outward from your face. This will allow warm air to pass between your face and your lenses.

Nylon Stocking

You can also wear a stretchable nylon stocking over your mask. This allows your mask to fit close to your cheeks, blocking warm air from moving up to your glasses.

It may be frustrating and awkward to wear a facemask every day, but you need to do it to protect others and yourself. Here at Lumé Family Eyecare, we can help you wear your eyeglasses and your facemask in the most convenient way possible. Please visit our clinic in Worthington, Ohio, for a walk-in consultation. You can also call us at 614-502-6201 if you want to schedule an appointment or make inquiries about our anti-fogging eyewear.