Top Reasons Why You Should Protect Your Eyes From the Sun

Top Reasons Why You Should Protect Your Eyes From the Sun

You probably know that the sun can have a harmful effect on your eyes. But you might not know just how harmful the sun can be for your eyes. Unfortunately, it can be harmful, no matter who much sun you are getting. The right type of sunglasses can prevent you from having eye damage from the ultraviolet rays from the sun.


Preventing Cataracts

A cataract means that the lens of your eye has become cloudy. This can severely impact your vision. A cataract is a very common condition to have, particularly as you age. In fact, nearly half of all Americans have had some type of cataract by the age of 50.

You can’t stop aging, but you can slow down the negative impact it might have on your eye health. You can start protecting your eyes by choosing the right type of eyewear. Some researchers have discovered that exposure to sunlight can increase your risk of developing cataracts. This means that sunglasses are a good choice for you.


Preventing Skin Cancer

There is an increasing bank of knowledge on the link between skin cancer and the sun. Most people have become better at putting on sunscreen before going outside. However, most people avoid putting on sunscreen near their eyes. It can sting to have sunscreen in the eyes.

The good news is that sunglasses can protect the skin around your eyes. This includes your eyelids. Don’t worry about placing irritating sunscreen near your eyes. Instead, just put on some sunglasses to protect the delicate area.


Preventing Surfer’s Eye

Surfing is often seen as a cool hobby. However, you want to avoid having surfer’s eye. This condition causes tissue to grow under your eyelids and on the surface of your eye. These areas are known as the conjunctiva. This is not a dangerous condition, but it is not a beautiful one either.

This condition is called surfer’s eye because it happens after someone has been exposed to the wind and the sun. These often happen when someone is surfing. Sunglasses can protect your eyes from the wind and shield your eyes from the sun. This can prevent surfer’s eye from happening.


Preventing Photokeratitis

Your eyes can sunburn just like the rest of your body. Your eyelids can protect your eyes because they close when you look directly at the sun. However, the harmful UV rays can also reflect off the sand, water, or snow.

You might think that your eyes are safe as long as you do not look directly at the sun. However, even if you look at the ground, the UV rays can still get to your eyes. The best way to protect your eyes against the UV rays is by wearing sunglasses, no matter where the UV rays are reaching your eyes from.


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