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Every eye is different.

iScription and lindberg framesSee how your eyes are unique.

Every eye is as unique as a human fingerprint. i.Scription technology by ZEISS takes this individuality into account to create lenses specially made for your unique vision challenges – giving you the best solution for your eyes. You will quickly begin to appreciate the benefits of i.Scription optimized lenses when you discover how much better you can see, especially at night and in low-light situations. You will enjoy the absolutely clear focus, high-definition contrasts and more brilliant colors that these state-of-the-art lenses deliver.

See more with i.Profilerplus® by ZEISS.

iProfiler eye exam worthingtonBeing measured with the i.Profilerplus by ZEISS is the starting point for i.Scription technology. In less than 1 minute this unique instrument measures more than 2500 reference points in your eyes – providing a highly detailed analysis of your vision profile.

As a result, vision problems that have had a considerable impact on your vision quality can be recognized and improved. Information about your eyesight that was previously unattainable is now available to your eye care professional. With this new information, your doctor will determine your precise prescription and can create ZEISS customized lenses with i.Scription to deliver your best vision possible.

eye care worthington ohYour i.Scription Benefits:
• More accurate prescription
• Less eye strain
• Better overall vision
• Better performing lens
• Your possibilities are endless with clear vision.

And suddenly you see more.

Better night/low-light vision Looking directly at a light source at night, such as car lights, results in glare and halo effects. i.Scription technology by ZEISS reduces image noise.

Better color vision i.Scription technology by ZEISS adds more brilliance to your life and lets you see colors as they really are: bright and more intense.

Better visual contrast Seeing contrast, such as white letters on a black background, is especially challenging for the eyes. i.Scription technology by ZEISS sharpens contrast.

• 4 out of 5 surveyed i.Scription wearers state that they enjoy greater visual comfort.
• More than two thirds of the surveyed wearers have crisper, sharper vision using i.Scription.*
• The majority of all surveyed i.Scription wearers confirm that they see better at night.*

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Did you know? The iCare Tonometer is used to measure the pressure inside your eye, without use of air puffs. Book a Worthington eye exam today and see for yourself!

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