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Columbus Eye Care Services

We Provide All You Need for Vision and Eye Care!

family eyeglasses computerYour eyes and eyesight are all we care about at Lume Family Eyecare. We offer a full range of eye care services to keep your vision healthy and clear. Whether you need new eyeglasses, a professional eye exam, management for ocular disease, or help with an irritating eye condition – we ensure that you’ll receive personalized attention and expert care.

Our offices are outfitted with all the latest technology, including advanced diagnostics and digital imagery equipment. With precise skill and experience, our eye doctors will check and monitor your eyes. Our team is committed to staying up-to-date with medical developments, so you’ll benefit from cutting-edge treatments in our eye clinic near Columbus.

Eye Exams for the Whole Family

Eye exams and vision testing are an important part of our comprehensive eye care services. As a family-friendly practice, we welcome patients of all ages. Our gentle pediatric eye exams focus on detecting vision conditions that may interfere with learning, so your child won’t lag behind in school! We fit for orthok and Myopia contol in children, as well as adults. We will customize our eye care to meet your unique visual needs. If you’ve been diagnosed with an ocular disease, such as macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, or diabetic retinopathy, our optometrists will monitor your condition to prevent complications. We want you to enjoy lasting, quality vision for as long as possible!

Many vision conditions require specialized treatment and compassionate care. If you suffer from the irritating symptoms of dry eyes, we’ll take the time to determine the cause and the best dry eye treatment for you.

Vision correction depends upon wearing the right eyewear for your prescription. Our Columbus optical team is knowledgeable and experienced in helping patients to select the best frames. Working together with you, we’ll recommend eyeglasses that flatter your face, feel comfortable, and enhance your vision. If you prefer contact lenses, our optometrists will perform a detailed contact lens exam and fitting before issuing your prescription. Whether you head home with new eyeglasses or contact lenses, we’ll make sure you look and see sharp!

We look forward to meeting new patients and greeting all of our returning patients. Contact our offices near Columbus, OH, to schedule an appointment or for more information about our outstanding eye care services.

Here are some helpful and time saving tips before your appointment:

1. Bring your Health Card. Also, bring your private insurance card, if applicable. Some procedures are payable based on medical necessity. Our receptionist will request a copy of your Health Card upon arrival.

2. It is a good idea to contact your provider prior to your appointment to check the dollar amount or percentage of your coverage, and the time of your last claim. Are you eligible to claim?

3. If you are a new patient and wear contact lenses, bring in the contact lens packaging or boxes with contact lens brand, power and base curve (BC). If you ran out and do not know your power, call your previous office and ask them to fax/email it to us.

4. Bring old or current glasses in with you.

5. If the purchase of computer lenses is a possibility for you, measure the distance between your computer screen and your eyes.

6. Finally, please bring a list of any medications you are taking.

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Specializing in Myopia Control and Orthokeratology for Columbus

boy swimming in poolAthletes know that sharp eyesight is as critical to sports performance as agility, strength and quick reflexes. If you play sports and require vision correction, you likely have prescription eyewear to resolve your visual problem, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. However, standard eyeglasses or contact lenses are not the best option if you want to excel in the sports arena. At our family eye care clinic near Columbus, we advise many of our active patients to consider orthokeratology (ortho-k) as an alternative method of vision correction – instead of eyeglasses or daytime contacts.

Ortho-k is a safe, reliable way to correct many vision conditions and provide clear eyesight during your waking hours. This method of vision shaping is reversible, non-surgical and painless. It involves wearing specialized rigid gas permeable lenses during sleep. In the morning, the lenses are removed, yet your eyesight will remain crisp throughout the day. The effects typically last a few days, so ortho-k lenses must be inserted nightly for consistent results.

In general, eyewear simply gets in the way when you’re focusing on athletic performance. With wet sports, such as water polo, diving and swimming, eyeglasses are inappropriate and contact lenses can pose a higher risk of infection. With many ground activities, such as gymnastics, dancing or martial arts, eyeglasses are impossible to keep stable. Eyewear also compromises athletic achievement, as it often doesn’t provide adequate peripheral vision and/or it causes blind spots due to the frame or lens edges. Unrestricted side vision is critical for many sports, such as baseball and basketball. If you require vision correction and don’t want surgery, ortho-k is the perfect solution for these sports challenges.

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Ortho-k vs. Standard Contact Lenses for Sports

When compared to regular contact lenses, ortho-k lenses are considered a better option for people who engage in sports regularly – for a number of reasons. Contact lenses dry out easily, especially as many athletes do not blink regularly, and dry eyes may lead to blurry, unstable vision. Contacts may also dislodge, rotate or move around in your eye, particularly when they are dry. Eye allergies are another concern, as many games are played outdoors, such as football, baseball and soccer, where pollen is plentiful and tends to stick to contacts. Ortho-k effectively removes these potential problems.

Ortho-k for Sports-minded Kids

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a very common vision problem amongst kids, and eyeglasses are the typical treatment. Yet eyeglasses are always getting scratched or broken when kids are physically active. Contact lenses may be a possibility, but many kids are not able to care for lenses properly. With regard to laser surgery, children under age 18 are not candidates for LASIK. However, kids do qualify for ortho-k, making it an ideal solution to provide safe, sharp vision for sports-minded children. This reversible process can provide sharp, uncorrected daytime vision that will help kids excel in sports, without the inconvenience of bothersome eyewear. Most children easily get used to wearing the ortho-k lenses at night, and they love being able to run and jump freely, dive into a pool or go dancing – eyeglasses/contacts free and able to see clearly! Learn more about our Myopia Control Center in Columbus, OH.

More Benefits of Ortho-k for Athletes

Many sports-minded individuals (kids and adults) who experienced the successful effects of ortho-k have shared that it gave them much more than crisp eyesight. They speak of having increased confidence in their vision, with less concern about fluctuating sight. These athletes also appreciate not having to worry about their eyewear getting crushed or knocked off their face! Previous contact lens wearers are fans of not having to always tote along spare contacts and cleaning solutions.

If you participate in sports or are physically active on any type of playing field, ortho-k may be the best way for you to achieve crystal-clear vision. Contact our office to discuss your candidacy for ortho-k with our professional optometrists.