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myopia control

Myopia is a condition of the eyes that is often described as nearsightedness. This means that you can see objects that are closer to you clearly, while objects that are further away are blurry. This is due to the shape of the retina and where it focuses the light that passes through the lens. For an object to appear clear, the light must focus directly on the iris. However, if that focal point is too far in front or behind the retina, then you can end up with a blurry vision.

Myopia is not simply nearsightedness, though. The progression of myopia has been linked to several vision-threatening conditions later in a patient’s life. These conditions include cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachment, and blindness. Due to the serious nature that myopia causes, there is a big focus on trying to reduce or slow the effects of myopia, specifically in children.

The Benefits of Myopia Control

There are a variety of different techniques and products available for patients who are looking to treat myopia. At Lumé Family Eye Care, we have found that patients respond especially well to the two treatments that we offer: Orthokeratology (or Ortho-K) and soft bifocal contact lens therapy. Both options have been extensively studied and reduce the progression of myopia over the course of a year in the vast majority of patients. The slower progression of the condition leads to a reduction in the issues related to myopia.

Understanding Ortho-K

Ortho-K utilizes a special rigid contact lens that is placed in the eye and worn overnight. This lens is designed to gently push the eye back into the proper shape so that your vision is clear. When you awake in the morning, you can remove the lenses and then go through your day. This allows you to see clearly while not having to wear any type of prescription lens at all! Ortho-K is designed to be worn nightly, but many patients will still have a clear vision for up to three days after wearing their lenses.

Ortho-K lenses can be initially difficult for patients to wear, but this discomfort is usually gone within the first few days. Also, by simply placing the lenses in your eyes and then going to sleep, most patients do not have any issues with wearing them.

Orthokeratology is believed to help stop or slow the progression of myopia because it reduces the strain placed on the eye and holds the eye in the proper shape. If you think that Ortho-K is an option for you, call Lumé Family Eye Care today to schedule a consultation.

Soft Bifocal Contact Lens Therapy

This approach aims to help patients see clearly at all distances, but has been shown to have similar results as Ortho-K. However, these lenses are worn just like regular contact lenses. That means that you put them on when you wake up and then wear them throughout the day. This approach reduces the strain that is placed on the eye in normal daily activities and slows the progression of myopia by 50% more than compared with children who simply wear soft contacts.

When to Start

Children are rapidly growing and developing from the ages of 8-18. During this time, the eyes have the most potential to drastically change. By intervening with myopia control measures early, you can help to stabilize the eye and reduce the overall effects of myopia throughout your child’s life. This can result in less chance of vision altering conditions developing later in life.

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