Not all vision problems are caused by being nearsighted, farsighted or having another type of refractive eye error. In fact, in many cases, disruption to our ability to see clearly occurs as a direct result of having an issue with the health of our eyes.

One of the best ways to tell if the health of your eyes has been compromised is by having a retinal examination. The condition and appearance of the retina, which is a patch of light-sensitive cells at the back of the eye, can tell our eye doctors a great deal of information about the health of your eyes. And, since it is the only place in the body where blood vessels can be seen directly, an assessment of the retinal blood vessels can also reveal underlying general health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

We are delighted to be able to offer our patients the benefit of a revolutionary new solution called OptomapⓇ for their retinal examinations.

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​​​​​​​What is OptomapⓇ?

OptomapⓇ is a cutting-edge piece of technology that offers eye doctors the ability to carry out ultra-wide retinal imaging that is far superior to what can currently be achieved using conventional retinal imaging tests. In fact, OptomapⓇ can capture an impressive 50% more of the retina in a single image capture than the next closest imaging device. Better still, with the OptomapⓇ multi-capture auto-montage capability, up to 97% of the retina can be seen.

What this means for patients is that our doctor can see more of your retina, including simultaneous views of the central pole, mid-periphery, and periphery. In being able to see more of your retina, we are more likely to be able to spot any problems with the health of your eyes, particularly early on in their development. This means that we have a far better chance of treating them before they cause unpleasant symptoms and have serious and potentially permanent consequences for your vision.

An OptomapⓇ procedure is fast, painless and very simple. Nothing will come into contact with your eye at any point, and the process is suitable for patients of all ages, even children. You may need to have some eye drops to dilate your pupils ahead of the procedure. These won’t hurt but will open up your eyes so that a clear and uncompromised view of the structures inside your eye can be obtained. You will be asked to sit and look into a small device that will capture the images of your retina. A short flash of light will let you know that the image has been taken. The whole process takes a matter of seconds.

When you have your retinal exam performed using OptomapⓇ you can benefit from:

- Early identification of eye diseases

- Prompt treatment which can protect you from vision impairment or even blindness

- The identification of chronic general health conditions including cardiovascular disease, stroke, and cancer

- A simple, painless procedure that is at the very forefront of optical technology

- Knowing that your optical care is in the safest of hands

If you have further questions about OptomapⓇ, our dedicated team of professionals would happy to help. Contact our eye care offices in Worthington, OH today.